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You aren’t reading it wrong, you really can win a free PS4 at Woosh . There aren’t many websites who can offer a free PS4 (genuinely) but if you put in the effort you can unlock one playing a Woosh free game. You will need to earn quite a lot of Xpango Points but we will try make it as easy as possible. Firstly you need to register to Xpango and once you’re logged in the fun begins. Your mission is to collect Xpango Points. These Xpango Points are worth real money and the more points you get, the quicker you can unlock your free PS4. You’re probably wondering ho

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Win a brand new PS4, simply guess the number of candies that are in the jar. You must first login using your Facebook account (don't worry your information is 100% safe and secure), once logged in you will get 5 free guesses per day, invite your family and friends to unlock additional guesses each day. These games are 100% free-to-play. Good luck and happy guessing!

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February 10, 2020

End Date:

February 26, 2020

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